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All powdered green tea is manufactured in Kyoto using nana’s green
tea recipe under the strict hygienic conditions.


Loved this cafe. The matcha soft serve and the set meals were equally delicious. Also had the matcha roll cake to go which was also really good. Highly recommend!

Ron W

Honestly I love matcha parfaits !! This is definitely the best one in the city . Everything they use in the parfait goes so well together from the mochi, soft serve, ice cream , jelly to the cereal they put in!

Julia H

Friendly and quick service and good atmosphere for catching up with a friend.

Suzy T

If you’re looking for some Q U A L I T Y green tea desserts and drinks you’ve come to the right place.

Joelle L.

nana’s green tea is..

nana’s green tea is a modern Japanese cafe specializing in green teas and Japanese foods and desserts delivered in a modern fashion. We are a global matcha brand originating from Tokyo, Japan. We incorporate traditional Japanese ingredients such as matcha, azuki, warabimochi in new, creative ways of presentation. If you have never had matcha or never liked the matcha you have tried before, give us a chance to change your mind!

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Monday - Thursday: 11AM-9PM
Friday - Sunday: 11AM-10PM

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